Natural Fly Trap- Buddhist Eco Homemade Fly Catcher & Relocater

Wondering how to keep your kitchen or living space free from unwanted flies?

Are you a peaceful person who understands the importance of honoring all life-forms, so you choose to not kill the flies, but rather, relocate them? 

Try this natural fly trap; a homemade fly catcher that would even make the Buddha smile.

We live in Arizona and keep our windows open a few months out of the year. 
If you have a small fly problem, say 10 to 15 flies per days in your living space, then this is the trick for you- and it will keep you karmically clean! The best part is that it reuses a plastic salad tub, so you actually find good use for it instead of throwing it out. 

It's simple, it's free, and it'll have you smiling in your kitchen again. My little 6 year old loves it! She'll actually remove the flies and place them into the spider web outside our door, so Spidey has breakfast each day :)

It's as easy as 1-2-3.
Step 1: begin with a plastic salad tub & poke holes or little gashes into lid.

Take an empty salad tub from a supermarket ready cut salad.
Remove lid and poke a few gashes or holes into the lid. Make them big enough for a fly to crawl through, yet small enough so they don't find their way back out easily.

Flies love a challenge and they think they struck paydirt when they find their way into this natural fly trap and catcher. Little do they know you're one step ahead of them.

Step 2: add old foods like egg, yeast, garlic, and more...

There are some foods flies prefer over others. Experiment with a few to find the least smelly and most effective foods to use. I've found that yeast, garlic, and egg work great.

Finally, place into desired location and viola! A homemade fly catcher that's natural, safe for flies, eco, and fun for the whole family to use.

Step 3: Place in desired location, flies catch themselves, and you let them out in evenings.
See the 4 flies? Haha, they catch themselves!!
Let the flies out when your windows or doors close and they'll relocate themselves.

Have fun; this is a great cure for the flies blues.

...loving "Buddhist" practices for happy living... 

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