How to Cure Celiac Disease

How to cure Celiac Disease, or Gluten Intolerance affects a growing number of white, anglo-european ancestry citizens. Celiac Disease is a fancy-shmancy name for “I should not eat foods containing gluten in them”.

Let’s get really clear on what celiac disease is, what gluten intolerance is; then we’ll know how to cure celiac disease. At first, when you hear someone say they don’t eat gluten, you may think that they’re being stubborn or righteous. But they have every right to not put that stuff in their mouths. And here’s why.

Not having the ability to eat gluten can be considered a food allergy. In other words, your body doesn’t like it. The effects of gluten intolerance are Many- all of which lead to a less-than optimal life. What happens is there are these little nutrient-absorbing tubes in the small intestines called, Villi. These beautiful little tubes move foods down the intestinal tract and help absorb vital nutrients.

small intestinal villi in a healthy digestive tract

Gluten comes in a host of different names, so better be safe than sorry. Gluten can be masked as ‘dextrin, maltodextrin, malt vinegar, wheat flour, white flour, rye, barley, and a number of other names. In each case, gluten will do the exact same thing for a celiac: malnutrition by cutting off the villi in the small intestines and clogging up our digestive systems with toxic old foods. Even oat and oatmeal has a protein in it that can simulate the gluten proteins of wheat for a large percentage of celiacs. So just steer clear of this stuff and get healthy. I’m always available for coaching sessions, too, as I know that food allergies, acne, gluten intolerance, milk allergies, etc are all related and no fun.  

Gluten-containing foods act as little knives and cut off or damage these villi (see photo of healthy versus damaged villi) and scar the small intestinal walls. What does that spell out for those who eat gluten? It means a laundry list of challenges the body undergoes due to malnutrition. Thin enamel, poor behavior, short height, poor weight, diabetes, psoriasis (see How to Cure Psoriasis article), eczema, bloating, constipation (see How to Cure Constipation Exercises), and other food allergies are just a few.

A simple blood test can tell you if you are challenged by gluten and if you have celiac disease. In all actuality, if you grow your own food and eat your own food, you most likely will not have this disorder or any other food allergy. I had my blood tested while living in India, and it said I was not allergic to wheat. Yet putting wheat in my mouth causes severe acne on my face. Same with milk. Yet while living there, I was able to eat wheat and drink milk from a few farms that grew their own foods and blessed it daily.

healthy versus diseased villi due to gluten, wheat, and celiac challenges

So production of our current foods by large-scale Ag operations, cross-contamination, and increases in yields using cheap feed for livestock have caused the majority of new food allergy challenges. In any case, if you find out you’re a celiac, then stay off these foods, go 60 to 80% raw (lots of incredible books on this), or eat an Ayurvedic diet, and cure almost everything wrong with you. Especially raw foods that are very ‘wet’ and filled with water content- these help bring lots of health and moisture to the system. After about 2 years, you can try a little here and there to see how the body reacts. You can also see a spiritual healer to see if they can recalibrate your vibrations, so the body doesn’t react anymore to these sensitive ingredients.
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But to be on the safe and healthy side, just stay away from those foods. In our ‘sandwich, burgers, pasta, and pizza’ society, it’s going to be easier said than done. So better learn how to cook and start preparing your own meals. This too will open up a new doorway of life for you.

cure wheat allergies if you're a celiac.

If you are new to all this and you would like coaching, personal development lessons, nutrition lessons, or any type of counseling, then please drop us a line at 281-4one4-7895. Personally, I understand  how challenging it can be to tip-toe around the foods issue. It would be nice to just be able to eat anything, but then again, this doesn’t serve us. Proper health comes with discipline, and this discipline can be cultivated with training and awareness. After many hours researching herbs, raw foods, and ayurveda, I hope to be able to educate you on proper diet to optimize your body's self-healing abilities.

May you be blessed with peace and health,
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