How to Cure Constipation with Constipation Exercises

A natural cure for constipation that truly is the best cure for constipation of all the "how to cure constipation" blogs I have come across.

Forgive the pun, but constipation sucks ass. When I was in India, a country with some of the most stagnant energy on the planet, I got to enjoy solid constipation with immobile, bloody, compacted stools every 5 days for about 70 days straight before things began to loosen... so to speak. That's cause in India, you sit a lot and you eat food hat has been cooked down and released of all natural enzymes.

help i need a plumber!
So how did I reverse the constipation trend? It's an oriental secret that has been around for centuries. I had done it daily before arriving to India, never having a problem. In fact, when you do this exercise, you almost need to run to the bathroom to eliminate some mornings. It's actually an all-around cure to achieve perfect organ health. But in had stopped this natural exercise for constipation once I got there. I soon kicked in into high gear to feel good again.

In most cases, constipation is purely "stagnant energy" blocking the organs from properly passing the digested foods through the intestines and colon and out the other end. The stagnant waste sits in the colon and organs until it leaches its moisture (and toxins) back into the body. So when the waste finally does eliminate, it is rock-hard and compressed. This condition can last from a few hours to a few months or even years.

movement feels gooood.

In probably 90% of constipation cases I have come across, this is what it’s like, and it has been due to stagnant energy. In India, I had no idea how much of an epidemic this was, but when I mentioned constipation to people, everyone seemed to lend and ear and chime in about their severe constipation problems. So let me explain what that means a little mo'.

Periods of More Intense Constipation:
During periods of more intense constipation, it is always good to remember that “this too shall pass”. Everything arises and passes away, so try to just observe what is happening and don’t become angry or forceful with your body. Anger and force leads to more tension, which only causes more blockages to occur. This is a fact- take this clue to the grave.

I remember when I visited India, I was eating highly cooked food each day after eating mostly raw foods for the previous few years in America. Well, after being in India for 4 months, eating cooked foods with few natural digestive enzymes, I began an intense meditation regimen that would last 6 months solid. That would mean that I would be sitting in a lotus position for up to 12 hours a day with little movement.

Healing the 3rd chakra

Within 10 days of that stagnant energy schedule, my body reacted by fully shutting down its digestive ability. I ended up with massive constipation that would last me about 70 days. I only had bowel movements every 5 days or so accompanied by blood and pain.

It was during this schedule that I remembered all of the wisdom I am about to tell you in this Natural How to Cure for Constipation. It had to do with a Nutrition Plan (and trust me, it’s hard to eat proper enzyme-rich foods in India), a morning Breathing Plan, and most importantly, a morning Exercise Plan with a secret activity that was designed in China to move lots of energy through the body.

Nutrition Plan: 
Now if I had a dollar for every doctor who told me to “eat more salad and drink more water” if you have constipation, I’d be a frickin' rich man. But trust me, it ain’t that easy. But that is definitely part of the solution; raw foods and lots of water. More specifically, try to eat 3 apples a day or a few apples in a row for the first few days or weeks of constipation. Also broccoli is good. Steamed veggies without seasoning or oil also work, but they are more gentle on the system.

Breathing Plan: 
Learning how to breath is the 2nd biggest part of curing constipation. Most of us don’t have a “method of breathing”, so our breathing is kinda stagnant too. But breathing should begin to be done in a specific manner so we move energy from the tops of our heads and out through the bottoms of our feet. In time, or if you consult with me, you will also learn how to move energy from the environment around you (the sun and the universe above) through your body and out your organs. An exact method can be described and taught if you email me for ideas. This is an ancient method that evolved from Chinese enlightenment systems.

The key is long breaths deep into the belly, or the "energy-center" (the second and third chakra) of the body. Long breaths increase oxygen (energy) in the digestive process and cause the foods to be broken down further. The first time I started to consciously breath deeper, I lost about 10 pounds in a month! And I couldn't gain it back, cause my entire system was using so much more energy now. Breathing out, one can imagine they are breathing out that long breath from the belly, down through the legs, and out the soles of the feet. Breathing in is the more important part though.

Exercise Plan: 
This is the crown jewel of How to Cure Constipation! In the orient, they teach people how to "follow energy" and to not think. They say "Thinking blocks the flow of energy." So incessant thinking and a lack of movement equals massive constipation- whether in one's colon or in one's overall life. 

There are 3 movement Constipation Exercises I trust for How to Cure Constipation. Each are the exact same, in effect, only they are taught by different teachers. These are each audio programs you listen to in order to be guided properly on how to connect to the healing morning energy, get out of your head, relax the organs, and move massive amounts of 'energy' through your organs to push out the stagnant waste. This also serves to help you start your new day fresh with a positive mindset.

Jogging in place without thoughts.
Exercise: The basic premise is this: Right after getting out of bed in the morning, freshen up and go outside. Face the morning sun (even if it's not yet up). Don't think. Try not to think for the duration of the exercise. Breathe into belly. Relax organs. Begin with slow walking in place. Every 4 minutes or so, speed up the pace, until at the end of 30 minutes or so, you're now running in place, fully loose, relaxed organs, breathing deeply, and connected to the new day's energy. Afterwards, relax, walk it off, enjoy your morning with limited thinking or stress. But do it for 20 minutes minimum! Usually when you hit 40 minutes, you're running to bathroom holding your bottom.

Three groups that offer a version of this exercise that is extremely powerful.

  1. Aiping Wang's Crazy Exercise. This is a 45 to 50 minute version that is part of their full-life "energy-training" system. You cannot find anything more powerful than this. But it'll cost about $200 plus a few sessions with a trainer. Find out more on-line at:
  2. Jimmy Allen's Happy Sun Qigong Exercise. This version is about 34 minutes long, and it's also super powerful. It guides you through the entire exercise for your iPod, so you don't think, you relax, and you move. So will your constipated bowels. I can't remember, but I think the program costs about $58 plus maybe one consultation with Jimmy Allen. Find him on-line at:
  3. My personal version of this called, "Moving Monks". It is also great for people who like to meditate Vipassana. It works on the same premise, only it has a person breath with the "Anapana Respiration" technique. Very positive, very powerful. The audio costs $40, and it's 34 minutes long and you can learn it after one private session with me. I can cut you a great deal, cause I know the pain you could be in :)
A final constipation exercise idea would be to purchase full-body-vibration machine and to sand on this vibration machine for 10 to 20 minutes a day. Though it's about $1500 to purchase a high-quality one, it will solve constipation and SO many other issues like varicose veins, lymphatic blockages....

I guarantee you, this would SOLVE your constipation. as well a shit-load of other life-challenges.

So I leave you with a little Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type Review, so you can integrate this info with how you'll do the exercises above. This info will be shared in a session with me, so I can tailor the program to your unique body/ mind type.

God bless you all!

Jan Tijmes
The John Positive Company
Spiritual Healing Services

How to cure constipation, an outside link that appears helpful. I do however recommend the Moving Monks audio above.
Constipation exercises, an outside link that may also prove useful. Constipation will in the end be related to the need for more movement, a new diet (what you are doing is not serving you n some way (for ex, I found out I was gluten intolerant and I was blocking the ability for my body to absorb nutrients by eating wheat), and fasting. A long fast of 10 to 40 days under supervision will be the trick.
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Ayurvedic Body-Mind Types: A quick review

Vata (space & air elements): Traditionally a skinny person due to fast metabolism. Lean, eat erratically, delicate, poor muscles, sensitive, non-assertive. Unpredictable, quick to grasp ideas, excitable, anxiety, energy fluxuations. Challenges sitting still, with insomnia, with making rash or risky decisions.

Vata- fast metabolism, impulsive, erratic 

Pita (fire & water elements): Traditionally these people are well-proportioned, easily maintaining their weight, active, assertive, muscular, moderate in habits, biting intelligence, prone to stomach ailments & ulcers, perspire heavily.

Pita- balanced, moderate, smelly

Kapha (water & earth elements): Traditionally, these people are plump, immune to disease, rarely or never make hasty decisions (in fact they can be fearful of change), sociable, peaceful, jolly, calm, sweet, loyal, and damp. They are prone to slow digestion, high cholesterol, laziness, procrastination, and heavy sleep.

kapha- jolly, sociable, analytical, never-risky, slow metabolism, lazy

Outside links for Constipation:

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  1. i've been drinking bird nest soup every night (i only get the homemade kind back at home). the only reason why i drink it is because it's supposed to be good for complexion.

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  2. Anonymous24.2.11

    thank you. exercises that move the energy in the body in a relaxed way with loose organs each day is key.
    Great luck to you! you'll notice that stools also become larger and firmer, as waste stops collecting in the colon in a negative way.

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