How to Remove or Take Out a Fixed Permanent Bottom Retainer

How I Took Out and Removed My Fixed Permanent Bottom Retainer!

I cured my poor tongue's habit of playing with the metal wire retainer forever.
But don't try this at home.... always consult your orthodontist or dentist like I did!

This is the story of why and how I removed my bottom fixed retainer.

I got my braces on April 25th, 1988. That was over 20 years ago! And I was left with one of those metal superglued retainers stuck to the bottom 6 teeth in my lower jaw.

remove bottom permanent metal retainer

I always played with it, food got stuck in it, I couldn't floss properly since I was 12, and my tongue got scraped at its tip every week from all the playing with it that I did. All night long I would sleep while playing with it.

Subconsciously the thing couldn't be helping my career. My friend told me, "Jan, that's so anti-human. To touch and feel and receive metal-energy in the mouth day to day unconsciously is not right, for you, at least"

I needed a cure...

So I visited my dentist. She's in the next town over, in Flagstaff, AZ. It takes me an hour to drive to her, about $40 in gas to go up 2500 ft. in elevation with my car, so I always want results when I go.

I said, "I want it out. Please take this fixed, permanent retainer out."

She said," Not so fast. I'll need a note from your orthodontist saying it's ok, and that the teeth won't shift. I don't want to be sued by you if ever your teeth shifted and you got mad at me."


I couldn't pay for a $150 visit to the dontist just to remove a piece of superglued metal in my mouth (ok, at least it kept my teeth in place for a couple years). Plus my ortho was a few states away, and I couldn't remember his name.

I couldn't find any good websites on how to do it. I only found this one that says you should go visit your dentist! :
Here's another site I found....

I talked it over with a healer friend of mine. And we both came up with the same conclusion at the same time: "Do it with one of those little sanding tools that you can find at a hardware store! Jewelers and car mechanics always use those things for creative projects."

The right tool can do anything. I am in India right now (update as of June, 2009), and the only reason this blog is still being posted is that I have seen how other less developed parts of the world work, like Haiti and India. And though it could be perceived as dangerous to post this personal information, I believe in everyone having a right to information if the intention is right. My only intention is that I see how life is for the 5 out of 6 billion other folks around the world. They don't have managed health care or clean water or soap or paper and pencils. And they manage to find extremely creative solutions to everyday problems. This is the 'functional' side of me speaking... I am a well-meaning citizen who was determined to remove his own retainer, because I was in a difficult location to find the proper dental accomodations, and I was all out of money. It was my own personal risk- done with my free will. I believe in there being many options when wanting to do anything in life. In stores across the USA, the only options seem to the be the most expensive, yet the practical side of me always knows there has got to be another way which has somehow been hidden from me. I find these "forgotten" ways daily in developing nations around the world. It's amazing at how resourceful people are when they don't have anything. Most times you never need the newest or the best. You just need something that works.

So I borrowed a friend's tool who makes jewelry and has a creativity shop. You can get the same kind of tool at any Wal-Mart.

I do not recommend this for anyone. But as with all things, there is personal responsibility in what you do. This is just to show my family what I did this past weekend.

(ps: heal your 5th Chakra while you're at it...)

It' took me less than 2 hours to sand it out, and polish my teeth nicely. Best part is that I wasn't as nervous as sitting in that ortho chair with someone else controlling the drill. I've always been nervous about, cause I had major dental work done as a child.

I got my hand drill/ sanding tool and put on a polishing bit on it.

And I kept a handy small towel to wipe my drool and excess metal and superglue shavings. Also I got a small pair of pliers and flathead screwdriver in case I needed to pry on the fixed permanent bottom retainer to loosen it when removing it.

Here's the nerve-racking part... I had no idea what I was doing. I was all alone in the bathroom listening to a Gustavo Cerati album wondering if I'd slip and knock out a tooth.

But that just never happened :) That would go against the entire goal of this project.

yup i was asked to remove this picture, lest I be requested to appear in court.

I kept going. I sanded away at one side first. I sanded all around the metal wire- right on top of it. I exposed and got rid of as much superglue and metal as I could that's glued right on the tooth. But I wasn't afraid to actually sand down the metal- I sanded down lots of it. And I wiped often with towel so I didn't swallow metal shavings.

Don't operate tools and take pictures at the same time....

Almost done sanding on this one side. Tooth getting a little hot. I had to rinse to calm down my tooth's nerve.

Wow, I got an edge up! That was the most comforting feeling telling me it was working and that the bottom retainer was actually going to be out of my mouth for the first time in 20 years!

A little more on the other side and PRESTO! Woohoo!

Each your heart out dentist! I removed the retainer on my own, thanks to some wonderful suggestions you gave me about how a dentist would proceed in removing this retainer from my mouth.

20 years! Can u imagine. I was in 5th grade at the time... I've graduated college and dated like 24 women since then.

Look I'm even flossing :)
One of my teeth started bleeding like crazy as if it hadn't been flossed in like, well... 20 years.

So now I went back in with this little drill thingy and polished down the rough spots of the superglue. I sanded it down smoothly. I knew when I was done. No need to sand down to the tooth's enamel, just make it smoothe where I was happy with it. I needed to scratch around with a knife to see what's what in there. The same tools a dentist will use I found at a hardware and retail shop. But remember, you're taking your life into your own hands and assuming all responsibility!

Ahhh, nice work for a Saturday morning, November, 2008.

Now I each apples like I never have before! I'm done! :) And my tongue loves me for it!! Plus the pectin in the apples will help bind to any of the metal I swallowed, so I poop it out.

Seriously, I ate 10 apples throughout the day.
Ok, gotta run.

I'm gonna have an extra smiley day, yo :)

Good-bye fixed, permanent bottom retainer. I wanted my mouth back, and now I got it. Oh, what a cure!

Update: it's almost been 2 years since I did this little self-surgery. It's now June, 2010. I still can't believe I did this. And I am more than excited each day to touch the bottom of my teeth with my tongue. No teeth have shifted, still smiling when I feel how silky-smoothe my teeth are.


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  1. Anonymous15.11.08

    can u say insane (ly funny...) haha.

  2. I know Jan - he's a good friend of mine. Just so you know, he does this kind of stuff everyday!!!! No sweat... One day he's taking out his retainer. The next day he's shoeing a horse and drinking Kombucha made from cactus.

    Oh ya, he's Positively positivo!

  3. hey i'm a dental assistant who just happened upon your blog while searcing dental related things, haha. this post was really funny, and kudos to you for removing the retainer. i have one too, it's been in there 8 years, and it's annoying as all heck.

    however... i asked the doctors i worked for if they could take mine out, so that i could floss and whatnot, and they said if you can, you really should keep it in there permanently and just use floss threaders, because even after 20 years, your teeth can still shift. your alternative to a permanent retainer is, of course, a removable one, which you could wear at night. i really recommend that you make that trip to see your orthodontist and get the removable retainer. it should take only two appointments max and it would be cheaper than doing braces over in the future.

    anywho, good luck to you with your flossing! :)

  4. Anonymous27.4.10

    Love it!!!! Thanks to Google I found this, and I am so doing this tomorrow.

    I'm 42 years old, and I've had the exact same retainer as you (lower six front teeth) for years and I'm sick of it. My dentist actually said he could take it off, but what the heck, I think I might try to take it off myself tomorrow. I'm totally doing this. And if I screw up, I'll just fess up to my dentist what I did. :-)

    1. Anonymous11.3.13

      Well if your dentist said he would then I would get him to.

  5. Anonymous4.5.10

    I'm the one who posted the reply a couple days ago. I did it! I removed it! It's gone! Woohoo!

    I used a certain hand-held tool to remove the portion of the glue that was covering the retainer at each contact point. And then I was able to pull it right off.

    Now I have lots of glue still stuck to my teeth, but I'll let that come off on its own. (Or I'll go have my dentist take the rest off. He's pretty cool about this kind of thing.)

  6. Anonymous4.5.10

    That's awesome dude! What a funny story! U saved money and learned about your abilities! Haha :)

    Thanks for not publishing the name of the hand-held instrument you used. The manufacturer contacted me and they were none too pleased with my original blog post. I had to tone it down and erase all images as u can see.

    "Now go git some apples and Each your heart out!"

    -John + Positive

  7. I just took mine off! My roommate told me his dentist told him to be careful when he flosses around his bottom retainer because it could damage it. That's code for, "floss can take it off." So I threaded some floss under the wire and out one side and did some 'sawing.' After about a minute it popped off. Anyone hoping to remove theirs should try this method first. If it fails, resort to the aforementioned method.

    1. Within 5 minutes of reading this my fixed retainer was out. Thanks for the tip, floss worked like a charm!

    2. Anonymous2.5.14

      Floss worked for me too!! It literally only took about 10 minutes. 9 years later and I can finally floss like a normal person again, YES!!

    3. Anonymous7.8.15

      yesss!!! popped the end peice off with thick floss, little discomfort, little bleeding (cus used too much force) and just easily pulled it out with pliers in a domino effect, no discomfort, it actually felt amazing. and feels great not having that damn band there for 8+ years. THANK YOU!!!

  8. Anonymous3.9.10

    Hey I got my retainer out with only a screwdriver. I had baby teeth still in there and they came right out! I love it!

  9. I was messing around with mine and got em off with a swiss army knife! I don't recommend it with a sharp instrument hahaha. I chipped away at the top of the bonds then put the tip of the knife between the band and right next to the bond and gave it a little pressure to see if it would budge and it popped off. But it would be nice to have a polisher I can still feel some roughness where the glue was. $800 for that? yeah right. Thanks for the inspiration man! Any tips on rebuilding enamel possibly scratched off?

  10. Anonymous17.12.10

    super glue makes good temporary enamel.
    but i don't recommend it.
    there are def dentists that travel to Haiti and places that will have good suggestions for temporary enamel. longtern use a filling i suppose? def consult a dentist on that one ;)

  11. If you're keeping track, put me down as another person who's done this successfully. Damn thing had been pissing me off for 14 years. Seems to me it's awfully irresponsible for an orthodontist to put in a permanent, invasive dental appliance without consulting or even informing the patient, but that's exactly what they did & I assume it's standard procedure. Well, good riddance, anyways.

    1. Anonymous11.3.13

      Yep they didn't tell me either

  12. Nice post John. Many health sites discuss removing metal from your mouth as a necessary step to detox. Since folks have removed their bottom retainers, have you experience any significant teeth shifting/movement?

  13. i can share that after removing my bottom fixed retainer 2 years ago, there has been a slight shift in one tooth that had a natural tendency to want to shift onto the tooth next to it.

    do I mind?


    Again, there are more important things in life, and this shows personality. It's real.

  14. Brian25.2.11

    Awesome!!! I found this blog and decided to take mine out too. IT'S OUUUT!!! Had it in for 15 yrs. I used a pair of needle-nose pliers, and pinched the bonded area on one tooth and the wire and cement popped off, then I took a dental pick that I already had and placed a little leverage under the wire near the other end and it popped right off too -- done! I think I spent longer trying to remove plaque aftwards....gross. Oh and the left-over bonding crap comes off easy when I use the pliers to pinch it. I guess it ends up putting irregular stress on it causing the stuff to pop off the tooth without harming the tooth at all. I appreciate the guy that started this post. Thanks for the confidence.

  15. Christie10.4.11

    I have a permanent retainer in, and have had it in since November 2009. And after reading some of these comments... I HAVE TO KEEP IT IN HOW LONG?! 10, 15, 20 years?! Is that how it is for everyone??

  16. Anonymous15.4.11

    I have had mine since I was 17 & I am 35!!!!!!! I haaaaaaaaate it!!!!! Thank you & God bless you!!!!! I am going to try some of the suggestions!

  17. haha, but you know i just found out something:
    teeth shift from back to front. so the wire helps keep the rear teeth from slowly creeping in on the front and dislodging them. not that it matters too much, cause in my opinion it's better to have crooked teeth than metal in one's mouth. and it can take years for this to happen- if it ever does.

    i saw photos of a person who had their rear molar taken out. within 2 years, the wisdom tooth that was at one point impacted and submerged under that rear molar suddenly came out and took the place of the rear molar that was taken out. so all teeth slowly shift from back to the front.

    the human body is amazing!

  18. Anonymous19.5.11

    I just had my perm. retainer removed by an orthodontist and I'm so happy with it gone! It had been there for 15 years. They wanted me to keep it there permanently, but I said NO. My bottom teeth are tingling this morning and the new "invisaline" retainers are a pain to wear and hurt my teeth, but maybe that will ease over time. It still feels weird when I eat foods I think should get stuck in the side of my retainer by the glue. I find myself using my tongue to sweep for that food and can't figure out why it isn't there! It's a great feeling otherwise. I hope the retainer helps keep my bottom teeth in place. AFter 15 years, I can't remember what they looked like so whatever happens at this point I'll live with it.

  19. Anonymous1.12.11

    Thanks everyone for your impute on the topic

  20. Anonymous22.1.12

    I just got a bonded retainer put in and after reading this and some of the comments I already want it out. My tongue is starting to get a weird bump from the cement. It basically feels like a really fine sandpaper, and my tongue is constantly rubbing on it. Maybe it will smooth out after I brush more, but it's a bit rough feeling now. Flossing with this thing sucks. Food gets easily caught in it. They said after five years I could have it taken out but of course recommended keeping it in because the teeth may shift over time. I don't especially enjoy wearing my acrylic retainer on top either. I guess it's a trade off between having perfectly aligned teeth and staying with the retainers, or deciding you don't want to put up with the hassle of them anymore and risking the chance of teeth shifting. I think I may be leaning toward the latter.

  21. Anonymous13.4.12

    Thanks for the post! I've been wanting to take mine out for a long time (have had it in for 15 years), but don't have dental insurance and couldn't pay for it. After reading these comments, I decided to give it a try. I used one side of manicure scissors (probably not the safest thing, but the best tool I had around), put one blade under the wire and slowly pried up. The first side popped off easily. The second side took a bit more fiddling and prying with the wire, but after about 10 minutes it came off too. It feels great to be retainer-free, especially because I didn't have to pay for it.

    The only problem now is that there's still a line of glue stuck to my bottom teeth. Anyone have suggestions for getting the glue off?

  22. Anonymous23.5.12

    I did it!!!! Less than 10 mins with floss paper clip and pliers. Thank you thank you thank you. I am confident I can reverse my gum disease now. Might get a removable retainer just in case (if I can afford). Feel amazing!

  23. Anonymous26.5.12

    Woohoooo!! I sooo appreciate this posting!! Man, i had my retainer for over 20 years and from reading this post, i finally saved money also and got it off!!! It just took floss, the small "manicure" scissors, safety pin, peroxide& listerine!! It took a good 2hours, however, it was well worth it!! Take your time and don't pull, floss underneath the wire and continue all the way across and eventually it will pop off with the glue! Wow, this was a life saver!! Thanks sooooo much!!!

  24. Anonymous10.7.12

    I took mine out by myself with a steel tool that I did at my own risk. I'm 33 and have had it in since I was 15, so for 18 years. Mine was bonded to every single tooth across the bottom so it took a good 20 minutes to get it off. I have been wanting to get it off for some time but did not want to pay a dentist hundreds of dollars to do it. I am happy it is gone and I can finally floss correctly with no worries!

  25. This inspired me to go for it. After 15 years: I have removed my own bottom retainer!

  26. Anonymous17.8.12

    Hey guys, chalk up another victory for the victims of the "permanent retainer." I just got mine out with a combination of the floss and paperclip methods. I had it in for 15 years.

    Those things are a very bad idea... they make it nearly impossible to properly clean under that line where the retainer is. I say go for it! ;-D

  27. Anonymous5.10.12

    Thank you sir. Within an hour of reading this i managed to remove my retainer safely with a jewellery screwdriver and a small pair of pliers. Flossed real good and a nice long rinse of whiskey. Feels fucking amazing!

  28. I want to thank you, you inspired me! At first I tried a small flat head screw driver, I thought if I could get under the wire I may be able to pull it off, but the screw driver was too big. Then I randomly came across a tack and thought this probably won't work but I'll give it a shot. Amazingly the tack slipped right under the wire and wire started popping off!!! So happy to not have this piece of METAL in my mouth anymore! I thought for sure I would have to go through the hassell of going to and paying a dentist a small fortune! Brilliant!

    1. That's awesome, Shooter ;)

      I love how many people this article has helped. I still- over 4 years later- find myself licking my lower teeth on the inside and smiling. Yes, my mouth is a step closer to being natural and normal.

      now what do i do about them fillings...?

      I've been watching a lot of Doug Simmons' 'Alternative to Dentists' videos and a book on how to heal teeth naturally that rocks.

      Turns out teeth 'breathe' from our intestines back out through our teeth and into our mouth. If the balance of calcium and phosphorus gets rocks due to sugars, among other reasons, the teeth begin absorbing negative decay back into your teeth causing cavities. All baked goods, any added sugar whatsoever, white flour, and denatured or hulled seeds, grains, etc are the culprits.

      The Aborigenese are the only species on the planet who tested at 0.0% cavities due to their natural (and odd) diet.

      Blessings to you brother.

  29. I got taken out after having it about 3 years. After having a lengthy discussion about floss threaders, my dentist was like, "You know I can take that out if it bothers you, but..." I said I didn't care if my teeth moved and he took it out in about 5 seconds and charged me $35. That was 11 years ago and my teeth are still where they were.

  30. Anonymous10.1.13

    I've been contemplating on removing mine for a long time, I've had them for about 15 years. Tonight I tried a few of the methods people posted, needle nose pliers, floss, scraping tools... I don't know what kind of black magic my orthodontist worked on my teeth, but my retainer did NOT just POP off... I worked on it for a long time and the wire started to come apart before the glue.

    That became rather uncomfortable and was cutting up my tongue and metal my mouth... But I managed to eventually get most of it off. I have one tooth that has so.much glue on it it's just not happening right now. So there is a tiny piece of wire on that one tooth still... Oh well, it's late, I'll try some more in the morning.

    I gotta say, even with all the effort and the fact that I still didn't get the whole thing off, I already feel so relieved to not have that bar across the back of 6 teeth anymore! I can't wait to pry the last bit off... Man my teeth have so much build up under that damn thing... I wish I had removed it 10 years ago when I first started getting really feed up with it.

    1. Anonymous11.1.13

      for sure,
      Dremel hand drills or jewelry filing equipment work wonders for it.

  31. Anonymous14.1.13

    Yayyy thank you so much for giving me the courage to take off my own permanent top retainer!! Earlier today I felt it pop off on one of my teeth, and it bothered me so much I decided I just wanted the whole thing gone! After reading your article, I fiddled around with it a bit, and using just my finger and a little pressure, I was able to peel it right off!! IT FEELS GREAT, although there is still some glue left, but I can floss :D so happy!

  32. Anonymous15.2.13

    Thank you for the inspiration! I'm another 15+ year veteran of the permanent retainer. It feels wonderful to have that thing out of my mouth! Keep up the good work!

  33. Anonymous9.4.13

    I want this son of a gun out of my mouth as well... its been around 7 years or so... but I hate this thing. Its got a lot of pressure going on there and it doesn't do my teeth good when I can't clean it properly or get food stuck in there. I am guilty of playing with it too. Man I almost got the courage to do it last night, and I totally would but I don't want to mess it up. I want this thing out so bad!

  34. Anonymous10.6.13

    mine just popped off when I flossed tonight.

  35. Anonymous19.6.13

    Had to get my fixed retainer "fixed". One of the glues bonds chipped and had broken away. Ortho lady put about 4x as much glue on the one tooth that the bond broke. So now a giant lump of glue on one tooth way larger than the others. and also a clump of glue at the base of my tooth not even on the wire at all. frickin driving me nuts

  36. Anonymous19.6.13

    So I got a dental scaler and was able to pop off the excess glue that was annoying me. Wasn't easy though, lol bent the metal scaler a lil bit. Maybe someday I' ll just rip the whole damn thing out.

  37. Anonymous22.6.13

    Thank you! My permanent retainer (which I've had 15 years) was causing sores on my tongue again so I was at my wit's end to get it out today. The dentist wanted more money than I could afford to get it out (not covered by my insurance...). After reading the suggestions here I decided to try a pair of tweezers with a small point but broader for the rest of them. Put the point under one side and put a small amount of pressure on it. I immediately got a little worried since I could feel the pressure on the tooth but as quick as I felt it it popped up. The only other place the glue was still stuck now was the far right side. I just grabbed the wire and lifted gently and out it came. Still have some glue to remove, my gums have receded slightly and I may have one tiny cavity but still... I feel a lot better. Now to just go and get a good and thorough cleaning. :)

    1. Right on, thank you for kindly for sharing your story. I feel elated I posted this years ago, as it's helped 100s of people feel their happy soft little front teeth again without getting a tongue blister.

      It's been 5 years now for me since doing this, and i am still as happy as ever with the results. One little tooth has shifted somewhat, and yet, I love it for who it is and where it chooses to shift to.

      i recommend getting the glue out as best you can using some type of polishing tool or engraving tool- they sell them at WalMart.. The glue is typically a some type of acrylic resin, like cyanoacrylate, and this is a toxic poison for human bodies, and for sure little molecules of it rub off at microscopic rates over time and leach into our systems. So buzz that on outta there right away.

      See you at our upcoming 10-day silent meditation retreat from July 19 thru 30th, 2013 in Sedona AZ. This retreat will receive a maximum of 14 students at our off-grid home "in the middle of nowhere".
      Checkout vipassananewworld on Google for more info. 11-days for $250 bucks and a sack of groceries... how's that for powerful self-improvement?

  38. Anonymous9.9.13

    THANK YOU! 14 years I had that retainer. I removed it in about 10 minutes with a paperclip. I feel like a new man.

  39. Anonymous15.10.13

    I've been wanting my permanent retainer out for a while now, and it is nice to see that I'm not the only one with these problems (flossing, tongue scraping etc). Its been 10 years for me, have you noticed your sense of taste improve from when you removed it? I think Im going to go the route of doing it myself as well, so wish me luck!

  40. For the first time in 17 years, I can feel the back of my bottome 6 teeth!!! I'm so happy I stumbled upon this blog! Now I just need to schedule a cleaning to get the nasty plaque build-up removed and the slightest bit of glue!

    I tried the floss trick and it put too much pressure on my teeth. Determined to get that sucker off, I grabbed on of the dental cleanimg tools I got from Walmart, put it in between where the glue was and lifted, hardly at all, and it popped off one tooth...five more time and that sucker was out! My teeth feel so weird now. In a great way!

    Thanks again for the tips!!!!!

  41. Anonymous3.12.13

    I came across this blog last year when wanting to remove my bottom retainer after it shifted upward and caused increasing pressure on my teeth. I've always felt it was too difficult to clean and I'd rather have crooked teeth than rotten teeth.

    My brother also had a bar. His popped out on one side while eating and he was able to get it out after a few days. He said it was the best thing he's done regarding dentistry in a long time.

    Though I was too chicken to try the methods listed above, I finally went to the dentist and got it out today. Initially they didn't want to do it because they usually only replace them, but they finally agreed to make the appointment.

    The dentist tried to scare me about teeth shifting, then chided me for the build up below the bar (even though it's hard to clean). The dentist made me sign a waiver agreeing not to sue her for the teeth shifting. She repeatedly told me my orthodontist did a poor job and encouraged me to go back, but no way I'm doing that.

    I still don't know what the final bill will be because it is so infrequently requested that they would need to talk to the insurance. Either way, they acted like it wouldn't cost a lot to remove.

    I'm just glad to have it out and want to thank you and the other posters for their updates on this. After 16 years I can feel my teeth again! They do feel weird and are sore from the bar removal, but I'm confident they'll recover.

  42. I love this!! I had one of these permanent retainers put in just two days ago and I hate it so much it is all I can do to not burst into tears. Mine was not done nearly as neatly as yours. I cannot even get a proxy brush in between my teeth from the wire up because the technician glued my damn teeth together! There is so much glue in my mouth that I cannot stand it. My tongue is raw from hitting the wire and glue. I emailed the dentist and told him I want this out. I have an appointment in 10 days time. And now I know if he doesn't do it, I will. Thanks!

  43. Anonymous2.5.14

    Try with floss first and just pull! You'll be surprised how easy and fast it is!

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. While I was eating candy the retainer popped off one of my left bottom teeth. I had this 1 ich wire sticking out.. so I was like fuck it what's the harm in doing it myself? Better than paying. So.. I grabbed pliers and slowly (with force) took it off tooth by tooth. On the last tooth I kinda yanked it. Feels great! 13 years gone in 5 mins. lol

  46. So I had my bottom retainer since I was starting 7th grade, back in 1997 and like others mentioned, the dentist said to keep it on a minimum of 5 years, but advisable to leave in for LIFE.

    I didn't think much of it, but over the years, food would occasionally get stuck, I couldn't really eat apples (using my teeth) because it would get stuck in between along with eating nuts.

    I tried the floss method and got one side off fairly easily. the other side I just kept bending until it broke off leaving the remaining glob of glue on the other side with the broken wire piece inside (no sharp edges). I'll get it off eventually, but for now I'm glad that it is off after all these years in 2014.

    My teeth feel so smooth and I can finally floss my teeth properly on that section, as I was getting a buildup of Calculus (advanced Tartar) because my flossing methods would reach the bottom sides of the teeth.

    Kudos to the blog for the writeup and maintaining it all these years!

  47. Anonymous24.9.14

    1st day and I want it off already, im gonna try these methods :) wish me luck

  48. Anonymous18.10.14

    My permanent retainer had come loose on two teeth about two months apart. I had just been bending it until it snapped but this time it left a very sharp end that was slicing my tongue. Thanks to this post I actually felt semi comfortable removing it myself since I don't have dental insurance. Just used some floss to get it started and tweezers to pull it off. After nine years it feels great to be free of it.

  49. Anonymous18.11.14

    One side of mine came loose so I just popped it off the other. Of course now I have one side with the adhesive stuck to it. But it feels so weird. Now I have to get a good cleaning back there and am worried about decay. Mine was so close to the teeth and gum line it was impossible to clean even with threaders. Going to try working on the other side of adhesive that's still there but now with nothing to use as leverage it may be difficult.

  50. Anonymous7.8.15

    popped the end peice off with thick floss, little discomfort, little bleeding (cus used too much force) and just easily pulled it out with pliers in a domino effect, no discomfort, it actually felt amazing. and feels great not having that damn band there for 8+ years. THANK YOU!!!

  51. Anonymous29.8.15

    I had recently broken the glue off of 1 tooth on my permanent retainer while eating almonds. I've had it for 12 years, it's broken 6 times and they charge $100 every time to fix it. I called the ortho and told him I wanted it out, they told me they wouldn't do it without me getting a temporary retainer to replace it; only $300+ for a consultation, the removal and the new retainer. F*** that! Found this article and had that stupid retainer out within an hour, still need to sand down the excess rough glue, but it feels amazing that it's not there now and I can finally floss those teeth!

  52. Wow this is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I want to try this myself. After reading about metal toxicity and the nickel (heavy metal) in stainless steel, and how heavy metals can weaken your immune system, it's made me wonder if all of the orthodontics I've had in the past and my permanent retainer now has contributed to my skin problems, fatigue, compromised liver function, and other issues.

  53. Anonymous25.10.15

    Took me less than 30 seconds with a dental tool! Thanks for the article.

  54. Anonymous20.1.16

    Paperclip inserted, little leverage and popped out in a total of 5 seconds. Little white spots underneath but those should go away with remineralizing rinse. I"M FREE!!!! (19 years)

  55. Thank you for this inspiration! I bought some dental tools from Walamart and managed to pop my retainer off by putting he took between the spaces in my teeth and the retainer. I been wanting to get it off for 4 years now! My dentist didn't want to do it and I don't want to pay tons of money either so I did it myself. Painless too! The only thing is that there is glue on a couple of my teeth. There's also a tiny cavity where brushing and flossing couldn't reach under the wire :/ I'll try to cure it with coconut oil and see how it goes. Well my teeth are free now and I'm one big step closer to detoxing! Woooo

    1. Anonymous9.5.16

      make sure there is no glycerin in your toothpaste, it stops you enamel from growing back so your body can't heal cavities..earthpaste is only one i know if from the store that doesnt have it, or just make your own. if you eat a healthy diet and don't scrub toxins into your teeth, then the dentist becomes irrelevant, the only thing they could do is hurt you...

  56. I did this also. It took me less than 5 mins using a dental cleaning tool to pry up. Domino effect and super easy. After 7 years. Thank goodness I'm free!

  57. Anonymous5.3.16

    I got mine off just now by prying it off with the sharp end of my nail clippers that pulls got most of it off except for this one little bit that's still bonded to one of my teeth. Hopefully not something that won't fall off on its own eventually. This took less than 5 seconds btw but except for that one still attached bit there wasn't much glue wise left to my retainer.

  58. Anonymous29.3.16

    While some described an easy encounter, my experience was more like a rigorous battle, but in the end we were victorious. I used floss, a tiny knife, and a safety pin (to clear paths for the floss). Still have a lot of glue to do battle with (I think my childhood ortho went a little insane with the glue), but am free at last! If I can't get the glue off with, I will buy one of those jewelry sander things to finish the job. Thanks everyone!


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